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Garage door repairs you should not fix yourself 2015-11-29

You always should have your garage door repaired by a professional. If you try to fix the problem yourself  you can seriously injure yourself.

The advantages of working with pros 2015-11-01

If  you are looking for a professional garage door repair service, you are already making a right decision. DIY garage door repairs can be very dangerous and can cause injuries.

Our latest projects 2015-09-30

South Shore Garage Doors Ltd latest projects including Hormann sectional garage doors and roller garage doors.

A Little more about South Shore Garage Doors Ltd 2014-12-15

South Shore Garage Doors Ltd was founded by Mr.Rafal Kasprzykowski and Mr.Daniel Harvey in May 2014 and is a relatively new company. It’s been established by technical professionals with over 12 years experience in garage doors industry, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Garage Door Repair in Dorset 2015-08-31

Have your garage doors been affected by heavy rain or floods? Did you know that we offer garage door repair in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole.

Our latest work 2015-08-01

South Shore Garage Doors Ltd latest work including red Hormann sectional garage doors, white sectional garage doors and canopy garage doors

How to service a Garage Door 2015-09-02

Regular service is the key to keeping your  garage door  running correctly. You can easily perform some garage door safety and maintenance tasks yourself.

April is National Garage Organisation Month 2015-04-19

Did you know that April is National Garage Organisation Month? It's perfect time to sort out all that clutter you have been acumulating in the garage after winter season or plan bigger improvements.

Happy Easter 2016-03-25

South Shore Garage Doors Ltd. is wishing you a Happy Easter! May the Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and may it be a wonderful time spent with your friends and family.

How to buy a Garage Door in 8 simple steps 2015-02-15

Surveys say that homeowners will buy or replace a garage door only once in their lifetime. For many homeowners, the idea of replacing a garage door is quite scary. It is a big purchase and it can make a big impact on the look and character of the home.

How to make your garage more eco friendly and energy efficient 2015-03-29

We prepared 6 simple questions and answers which will help to make your garage eco friendly and more energy efficient than before.

Happy Halloween 2015-10-31

I hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks…enjoy the candy and festivities!

Merry Christmas 2015-12-23

The whole team at the South Shore Garage Doors Ltd.would like to wish all our Clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Annual DIY Garage Door Tune Up 2016-01-02

By simple & regular maintenance, you can avoid the need for expensive emergency repairs. Perform an annual inspection yourself by following 7 simple steps.

Garage Doors Safety Tips 2016-03-27

Follow our garage doors safety tips tokeep your garage and garage doors safe, in good condition and workingorder. Contact us if you have any questions.